Deeply Bound Kindlescout Campaign & Interview with TaleHunt

Wow, this month went by fast! This was my second time in participating on Kindlescout and it was a completely different experience the second time around. I’ll share more details soon by posting a blog post update to, Lady Maverick Publishing,

Today is the last day you can vote on Kindlescout for my romance novel, “Deeply Bound”. If my book is selected for publication by Kindle and you vote for it, you will receive a complete e-book copy :-)

Also, this week I was interviewed by the nice folks over at TaleHunt and you can read/like/share my interview here

I want to say thank you to everyone who took time to vote for my novel, “Deeply Bound”. This morning it was awesome to see that the stats for it are finishing strong with it making an appearance on the Hot & Trending List. It always amazes me how awesome people who I have never met in person are.

Thank you All :-)