Don't Kid Yourself Loading Up Your E-Reader is Only as Hard as a Soft Banana

Would you like to load up your e-reader but you don't know what to get? Are you on a budget or maybe you want to read something that isn't mainstream?

Many author's who are either just starting out or are simply waiting for you to discover them, post their writing for free. ASMSG is a place where author's share their free content and you get the chance to enjoy new novels and load up that e-reader of yours.

Browse through POPULAR GENRES and enjoy!

Find C.R. Misty's first novel, "Simple Affair" under Contemporary Romance


  1. Ooh, perfect for our upcoming summer holiday! I had better load my Kindle with some fabulous reading material, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Enjoy your holiday & Thanks for reading this blog post :-D


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