How I Shaped My Year | Travel, Baking, Writing & Publishing

Hello and happy holidays!

December is here and I hope you are enjoying the comforts that this season brings. I used to make New Year’s resolutions but no longer do that because sometimes you may start off enjoying the resolution but over time the resolution that I would often pick that was once fun became a burden and why would you force yourself to do something that isn’t enjoyable.

Instead, I set out with an open mind and tried things that I have never done for the year. In 2017, I climbed a mountain that I had never been to before in the Adirondacks. I also swam under a waterfall in Manitoulin Island. I plunged deeper into improving my culinary skills and learned how to bake new recipes and in writing, I published, “Something Desired” which is the third romance novel that I have written and it marks the first completion of a series ^.^

On December 26th “The International Boundaries” Box set will be available for e-readers. What better day to release a box set then on Boxing Day? I actually just realized this as I am typing. I picked the date thinking that Boxing Day is a day of leisure after the festivities from the day before. You have a bit of time to yourselves. Maybe you are ready to cozy up with your much-loved e-reader or new e-reader from Santa and load up the gift cards that you received.

Boxing Day is only weeks away and you can start your book list today by adding “The International Boundaries” to your bookshelf!

P.S. Below are the new places and things that I mentioned above.

This is the top of Wright Peak of Adirondack Park, MacIntyre Range in the town of North Hudson, Essex County, New York. 

That's Bridal Veil Falls near the town of Kagawong on Lake Huron's Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.

These are No Bake Chocolate Macaroons and they are my favorite learned recipe of 2017. 

On the right is this year's novel, "Something Desired" That was released Summer 2017.

My advice for shaping your time is make a list of the things that interest you, set goals by scheduling dates, use your list by and picking things that are within your grasp. For example, the trips that I took in 2017 were within driving distance of my home and they were within my budget and only required a few days off.  The recipes I chose were easy but different from what I had made in the past. For writing and publishing "Something Desired" I set up time, daily that didn't interfere with other parts of my days to allow myself to write, edit and proofread a little bit every day. By doing this, the daunting task of writing a full-length novel was broken down into small tasks every day during the year until it was complete.

Happy Holidays, Happy Reading and Happy New Year